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        Cortometraje realizado bajo la supervisión de “Víctor Erice”

        CAST “The cats will know” ANA / Paula Sanmartin DOP / Víctor Piñeiro ESCRITA E DIRIXIDA Rosa Taboada  BSO / “Venus in Furs” Velvet Underground

        España / 6 min. / Ficción
        Ana, la protagonista, acude al motel en que suelen tener lugar los encuentros con Víctor y le llama para pedirle que vaya a su encuentro. Una historia que gira en torno a la soledad y el desamor.

        The Cats Will Know

        By Cesare Pavese

        Rain will fall again
        on your smooth pavement,
        a light rain like
        a breath or a step.
        The breeze and the dawn
        will flourish again
        when you return,
        as if beneath your step.
        Between flowers and sills
        the cats will know.
        There will be other days,
        there will be other voices.
        You will smile alone.
        The cats will know.
        You will hear words
        old and spent and useless
        like costumes left over
        from yesterday’s parties.
        You too will make gestures.
        You’ll answer with words—
        face of springtime,
        you too will make gestures.
        The cats will know,
        face of springtime;
        and the light rain
        and the hyacinth dawn
        that wrench the heart of him
        who hopes no more for you—
        they are the sad smile
        you smile by yourself.
        There will be other days,
        other voices and renewals.
        Face of springtime,
        we will suffer at daybreak.